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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Drag Make Up

Where am I? What day is it?

Holla out there, your dear Lavida is back from Rehab! and I'm here to show you guys the magic of make up.

Yes, Lavida and Mercedez went out to the suburbs to get our make up professinally done. oh shit, i may need to stay in rehab.

Anyway, enough of my slurring, here we go!

Step 1- The Base.

for a good long lasting make up base, we put on the Primer so everything goes smooth. Then slap on a thick thick slab of cream foundation (liquid foundation is more natural but doesn't give as much coverage).

You can also add the harsh contour lines for it to start setting.
Then we use semi-liquefied soap to cover the brows. Repeat a few layers. Eventually, the eye brows are ready to be covered over with foundation, and pigmented mousse.

Practically invisible!

Step 2: EyeShadow
prepare your color scheme. For a truly over-the-top, signature drag look, your eyebrows are where your crease will be from now on.
Take your finger to the lid crease, where the eye sockets meet the brow bone, you're going to lift that by a fingers' width to your brow, and do a dark colour there. Try to blend it from dark to light, blending upwards.

As your eyebrows are bumpy under the soap layers, you'll want to get cream pigments, or face paint to finish the colours.

It will end up with a much smoother effect. You can see the result here, although my friend has forgotten to blend a lighter color on top of the red, which is supposed to be the crease.

STEP 3 : Eyebrows

Now this is a tough one, because you never know which type of arch suits your face.
Generally though, one should start pretty close to the bridge of your nose, and then draw it high to about 2/3rds of your eye's length (a little after where my yellow high lights turn to green shadow), and then draw it back down towards your cheekbones.

This isn't a really good example, but it's my friend's first time doing drag make up.
Almost done :)

Step 4: Glitterize!
Drag queens are about an excess of femininity. bright, sparkly shiny and colorful. just put that on your face. hahaa. well, it depends if you know how to do it tastefully.
My friend finished off with a few stick-on rhinestones at the corners of my eyes. It is always good to know that drawing things upwards create a more youthful effect. Add the wig and

Lavida is out to play!:) Mercedez is done too

We are the new Drag Bomb Diggity!