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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miss Lotus 2010.

I haven't posted for a thousand and one years. This is an update of Miss Lotus 2010.

Semi Finals=

1st Category - Traditional wear:

 I went for the same corset over cheong sam but this time with a Manchurian royal headgear and diamonte on all the floral motifs.

Second category: Performance

I made my own special remix and I put on purple hair. I had a purple belly dancing outfit that I added over a black tutu. I think I look a little rock glam. I was quite happy with my performance but it was a little too much cut and paste to the songs .

Final Category: Glamourous Wear
I was just thinking of evening gowns, I had this bright green one that I hadn't tried on yet so I sewed a lamb skin rug into a giant fur cape. I added Aurora Borealis hot fix crystals down the whole front.


One of my Fave creations.