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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bimbo Blog - 'Sex & the F^*king Internet'

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the City. They say that I talk like Carrie, I walk like Carrie, and I think like Carrie.

They forget I'm better than Carrie.

Sex and the city is so limited. Why limit yourself to just one city? When the title for our modern day society should be - 'Sex & the F^*king Internet'.

Yes, come on now you know it's true. How many of you out there, reading my pages now, probably have a go to booty-call-sex-site that you have bookmarked under some secret file name.

The new bars of the 21st century, are unfortunately - Chatrooms.

The 'Woohoo' girls, have transformed into 'LOL' girls.

The "Hot Guy" puts up cheesy shirtless pics.

The "Drunk A**holes" are now dangerous stalkers with cute cuddly usernames like 'Spankybunny25'.

I think that we are only just seeing the beginnings of the internet's power of bringing sex into our home life.

Chatroulette anyone?
It's more like a Whack-a-mole game of popping d!cks on your screen.
So Unglam!~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cosmic joke

Right now my boy mode and Lavida are both dating two halves of the perfect guy.

One amazing in bed. One amazing as a boyfriend.

Both with similar looks and build that its getting confusing. They even have the same name !?

Both just as sexually confused.

Perhaps I was born to be satisfied only with two men.

Sigh why can't my guy be like Shelter.

Loveeed the movie Shelter (2008)
You've got. to. watch. it.

Lavida Loves.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miss Lotus 2010.

I haven't posted for a thousand and one years. This is an update of Miss Lotus 2010.

Semi Finals=

1st Category - Traditional wear:

 I went for the same corset over cheong sam but this time with a Manchurian royal headgear and diamonte on all the floral motifs.

Second category: Performance

I made my own special remix and I put on purple hair. I had a purple belly dancing outfit that I added over a black tutu. I think I look a little rock glam. I was quite happy with my performance but it was a little too much cut and paste to the songs .

Final Category: Glamourous Wear
I was just thinking of evening gowns, I had this bright green one that I hadn't tried on yet so I sewed a lamb skin rug into a giant fur cape. I added Aurora Borealis hot fix crystals down the whole front.


One of my Fave creations.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It has been FOREVARR!

Hi dollies.

Por favorrr~ Loca. The bitch is back, and she needs to serve it up. Lavida is reinventing herself, and competing once again in the Miss Lotus pageant of 2010.

This time, I'll give it my all. No more fear of being a bitchy drag queen. Why did I bother trying to be cute and humorous in the first place? I should have put on Tyra's chant from the start- "FIERCE!"
After watching RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2, I feel much more prepared.
Last year I made a tragic mistake...I tried doing stand up comedy on stage. Dolls... Let's just say, leave that to the Wanda Sykes and Eddie Murphys of this world. One should not try to deliver comedy using another person's style.

This year - The competition is sizzling and tough.
My first Heat will be on the 20th of October at Heaven's Door.

With me dressed up in these categories:

1. Traditional Wear
2. Performance Wear
3. Beachwear or Sportswear

I've been raging through my closet, ripping jeans and burning hot fix rhinestones into the very fabric of my outfits. Here's crossing my fingers to make it work ~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Winter Frostings

The air is so chilly that my nipples could stab your eyes out.

Yes it is winter here in the lovely city of Melbourne. Where warmth goes to die. Lavida went out last Saturday but the weather is fucking up my Chi (ancient chinese word for libido...or life energy...same same). ANywaysss, I am waiting for my shadow sister to load the photos. but in the meanwhile, I'll show you my beauty during my last outing at Sunday's Love Machine. Where my drag black sister -Mercedes performed!

You know you love it.
Now to get the frostings out of my vajayjay

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stalker & Make the Yuletide Gay

This is scary but it's been months since I last saw this guy. But it was just a few hours ago when I heard him.

Why? because I gave him my number, one ingloriously drunk night, when beer goggles made him a whole lot cuter.

I hate those who just can't take a hint. - Boy! you are over and done with, now make like a trashcan and put a lid on it!

I know it's been a horribly long while since I last posted. But I thought I'd share my pretty new pic here :)
I've been away in another man's fabulous fantasy. He wouldn't let me go as usual.
Which brings me back to my point. - DO NOT give out ur numbers to tranny traders my sisters who are misters!~
It is a risk we should learn not to take. They are the dogs and we are the masters. Always remember that ;)

Gay movie update:
Make the Yuletide Gay

It was a gay version of an overdone Happy christmas movie. Where family and the fear of being unloved is the same old challenge for our pair of lovers. Good god, why can't someone come up with something original? Or something with a whit more intelligence? I hated the fact that they used age old gay puns! "Don't drop the balls", "Do you want to be on top or the bottom?" "Forget those wieners, try his Bratwurst"--- Rudolph should stick his antlers up their ass.

That is all! as you were.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wilheldiva Hater

Lavida loves the episode 13 from season 2 of Ugly Betty - Chica and The Man

A very dragalicious episode. Featuring Wilhelmina Slater's very own twin or doppelganger. At first, I thought, there must be someone else even more alike Vanessa Williams that they could have used, although the drag queen had a certain likeness....unless!....

click* click* search*

- I was right!

The character was played by her younger brother -Chris Williams. The cast includes Ru Paul and Hedda Lettuce. I also saw a cameo by Perez Hilton

I loved the Manna Wintour in the show too. Which reminds me, I need to get my hands on Ru Paul's Drag Race 2.
Bye bye chicas!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glass More Than Half Full

Her Highness, Lady Lavida Loca has returned from her Royal Tour to NeverNeverLand.

Back with a ferocious fabulousity.

Lavida has joined the cast of Stirfried - With the Dazzling Hostess , Dee Dee Dazzler and Demigoddess Venus Envy.

3 girls in an oyster. Nothing fishy here.

Here's a video of our special stirfried performance "Anything Goes"

It's on facebook so make sure you add our wonderful new fan page for more updates! 
Come to

The Glasshouse Hotel 
51 Gipps Street, Collingwood, Melbourne.
10.30pm till 1.00am

See you all there :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alexander Uijleman

This boy makes me pregnant just by looking at him.
 Alexander Uijleman
Height : 182
Weight : 70
Chest : 36 "
waist : 30 "
hips : 35.5 "
hair : Black
eyes : Brown
shoes : 42
nationality : Netherlands

I am officially in heat!
Find out more at - bisean blog writeup

Something about him just has tha perfect blend of boyish creamyness with a naughty playful sexual appeal.
Ok I need some alone time now.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Manga Fox: Futaba-kun Change Manga Series

When I was a teen (which wasn't that long ago) I remember reading this comic about a boy whose hereditary condition that surfaces at puberty caused him to change sex whenever he was excited or stress. It was one of the funniest stories I've ever read, making 'normal' puberty seem a breeze in comparison.

I have taken the liberty of searching for the database that allows you to read it in english (I read it in Mandarin) for free :)
You love me! awwww~

Manga Fox: Futaba-kun Change Manga Series