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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stalker & Make the Yuletide Gay

This is scary but it's been months since I last saw this guy. But it was just a few hours ago when I heard him.

Why? because I gave him my number, one ingloriously drunk night, when beer goggles made him a whole lot cuter.

I hate those who just can't take a hint. - Boy! you are over and done with, now make like a trashcan and put a lid on it!

I know it's been a horribly long while since I last posted. But I thought I'd share my pretty new pic here :)
I've been away in another man's fabulous fantasy. He wouldn't let me go as usual.
Which brings me back to my point. - DO NOT give out ur numbers to tranny traders my sisters who are misters!~
It is a risk we should learn not to take. They are the dogs and we are the masters. Always remember that ;)

Gay movie update:
Make the Yuletide Gay

It was a gay version of an overdone Happy christmas movie. Where family and the fear of being unloved is the same old challenge for our pair of lovers. Good god, why can't someone come up with something original? Or something with a whit more intelligence? I hated the fact that they used age old gay puns! "Don't drop the balls", "Do you want to be on top or the bottom?" "Forget those wieners, try his Bratwurst"--- Rudolph should stick his antlers up their ass.

That is all! as you were.