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Friday, October 30, 2009

How to sew a Halloween Dress

Hello weaving wallabies,

Lavida is here to share with you the lovely art of customizing your own dress.

First, grab a sewing kit. I recommend getting those cheap ones from Safeway/Big W or even Reject shop. any one of them should be below 6 dollars. It looks something like this :

Then if you're a drag queen like myself,
grab some sequins, for that glittery effect.

Next, you thread the appropriate color (that matches your dress, so the threads are invisible and discreet.
For those wallowing wallabies that haven't got a clue. Don't worry, Lavida's feeling patient and kind. I'll provide a link for just how to sew?

Clickable Link=How To Sew

Once you have mastered that skill. Or at least discreet about your handicapped sewing ability.  Buy some chiffon, puffy material stuff to make ...How shall I say it... puffs.

I bought the glittery shiny ones from Lincraft. Its pretty and cheap too. about 8 dollars a meter. Half a meter was enough for me.

Then, depending on your costume theme. Buy the appropriate props and what-nots. Can you guess what Lavida plans to be from the picture?

If you're lazy like me , make sure you have a glue gun, masking tape and super glue ready. So rather than sewing them on, for the correct pretty effect. You can opt to glue them messily, and there will be threads of dried glue everywhere.

But fear not! you can always say you were going for the ancient, spider webbed effect. Don't you just LOVE halloween!/? the perfect excuse to highlight all flaws!

Why I suppose you could even tell our enemies "HOW Ugly you look today!, my my, going all out aren't we?" and they wouldn't even have to be in a halloween mask.

Remember Wallababies, Halloween isn't just about the looks, its about the attitude.

Back to the arts and crafts, Next you would thread the sequins to the end of the thread, and use those in place of knots to keep the stitches nice and tight.
It also makes for a glam out fit.

So this is as far as I have gone with my little number. I'm not showing too much.
You'll have to get a better look AFTER halloween.

So to all my pretty bitches and witches, Have a Drag of a Halloween. take note, Creativity can always replace necessity (if you dont have it, create it). and Beauty is an attitude.

Lavida Loves.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Drag Show - Lavida Loca- Ugly Betty's Milkshake Remix.

Oh my, I realise that Lady V might be contracting the Amnesia Virus.. or was it a syndrome? a state of mind? ... I forget.

Anyway, this was Lavida's very own Milkshake Mix mashup.

Kelis step aside, because my milkshake's more versatile than yours! that's right, it's better than yours,stuffed with tissue, and it's de-tach-a-ble. lalalalala~ strap it on.

Clap now! I can hear you through the Internet :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lavida loves Albanian singer- Blero

During my travels to Albania! land of the Albinos. Lavida met this lovely young gentleman, who wasn't so gentle in bed...wootss~

This man goes by the name of Blero, and has since fallen in love with yours truly.
He then signed on a record with Duffy, and release a new hit in my name.

Awww, A love song for lil' ol' me?
I am truly touched.

like the Albanians say, "Ju e dini doni Lavida Loca, bitches"
huh, I thought there would be a way to say bitches in Albanian.

oh well, Lavida Loves you~

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Trailer - Chasing Harry Winston

Here we go my little wallowing wallabies,

Lady Lavida's trailer, starring as Erica within this spoof. But the actual character in the book is named Adriana for all you chic lit buffs out there.

It was a terribly fun shoot, and being at the beach in drag was definitely a whole new experience

the scene at the end where I was teaching Ms.clueless how to flirt, was soooo windy, my wig damn near flew off into the blue yonder!

The male voice at the beginning that said "we need to talk" - was mine! LOL! I inherited that deep voice from my parent you see - My mom.

Loves it!''

Next post coming soon. Lady V joins a pageant!!!???

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Presidential Votes

I should have voted Hedda Lettuce as President.

I wouldn't mind being the Ministress of Partying. Parties that provide tons of alcohol, creating joy and mirth that shall solve world hunger, world poverty and worldwide boredom. Parties make people excited, they shop more, buying one outfit, then changing their minds, and then going out to get several other options, just in case, thus saving the economy.

I pledge to host a theme party every week, drawing attention to social issues. I will host parties such as "AIDSness party!" and we can all dress up in anything to do with AIDS, like gays, hot nurses, black men on the down-low and hang torn bloody condoms as earrings.

I will also host a Marijuana legalization party. Weed cake and Pot Inhalers for all who come early! *Weed salad provided for the vegans.
We have recently perfected marijuana flavored milk for busy parents who still want to party! Get your noisy baby to chill out with this medicinal marvel. Your baby will be fucking flying with the lullaby light show we provide at the party lounge.

But remember not to drag and drive.

You know you Love it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lavida Wants Games

Here's a special secret.

Lavida loves games!.. and not just the type you play in the bedroom.
I am a fan of Miss Jessica of Jessica-Who.com, she is a great crossdressing blogger whom shares the interests and joys of mine.

I found out about her post on a new game called Scribblenaut

A game that lets you solve the levels by creating anything out of thin air just by spelling it out.
It is modern day Sorcery I tell you! I bet you Harry Potter couldn't apparate everything!

she even showed a video of how she got her game character to cross dress. so cute!

I wonder if it would work to type, wedding dress and elephant. How fun! I want to try!!! I am so going to the nintendo store tomorrow!

On the comments of Jessica's post, came a mention about another game called - LittleBigPlanet.

A collectively constructed 3-d environment where you can play with everything. I am not sure how it works, but it does remind me of The Sims. The key difference is that it is accurate in terms of physics. balls roll correctly, gravity and elasticity work properly. And they give you the tools to create anything you want within the game.
The videos make it much clearer.

The Cullen Family? Edward Cullen from Twilight? Is that chuuu?
The "PLay With EVERYTHIIING" diddy is hilarious!

To create your own sack boy/girl/drag. this is the helpful littlebig link.

A little Lavida would look like this.

I'd prefer a prettier model base though, with longer legs and shapely body. But guess you can't have "EVERYTHIIING~". LOL.

Monday, October 19, 2009

3 News > Video > World > Drag queen floors thugs in British street fight

Boys who think they've got big toys, Be careful when you're thinking about messing up with a drag queen. You never know if they can kick your lily ass to kingdom come.

This is the news about two drag queens who were attacked in the town called swansea. They then revealed that they were professional cage fighters when they delivered swift uppercuts to their harasser.

Watch it here

3 News > Video > World > Drag queen floors thugs in British street fight

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Chun Li step aside, we've got girls who can pack the real punches

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey Big Spender, Lavida's Performance

After all your whining, crying and sighing... Lavida has finally answered your prayers in her true-to-goddess way.

Fasten your seat belts and put your chair in the upright position~

Here is that long awaited First Performance from the AsianTreasure night - Hey Big Spender by Shirley Bassey.

I personally have not seen my own performance till right this moment. I am gushing right to my tucking panties :D

That last move where I throw out my drag dollars was such a genius move! Credits to my Drag Hag - Sammie Wallaby for suggesting the idea.

Do you love it? Or do you just LOVE IT!

Stay tuned for the next performance.
Lavida ROCKS!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Keywords and Amnesia Sparkles!

Seriously guys, What on earth are you guys thinking when you're searching for me?
Well, my blog spybot tells me that you guys have been naughty wallabies.

For example, take today's search. Those are my keywords? even theoretical sites like Monkey'sVomit.com (hmm I wonder if it's real)  has better keyword search success!

Asian drag is alright, and ladyboy.blogspot is ok; but Drag Queen Oral?! Crossdressers Bladder Control? who searches for this kind of things?

Whoever searched for Models in sheer glyde dams must be one horny dog!

http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/ has a better option for searches

Look at the top ten keywords related to Drag


11,244 searches (top 100 only)

drag racer v3
drag me to hell
drag queen
drag racing
drag racing games
drag specialties
free drag racing games
drag cars
drag racing videos
men in drag

You blundering wallabies best learn how to do proper searches~

Hahah I love Drag me to hell,

Drag Queen Me To Hell!

Or how about a Hell of a Drag Queen?
Lavida Discovers  Amnesia Sparkles!
Lavida Loves Her!

Lavida must must do a photoshoot like that! IT is sooo Fabuloussss. FuckingAssBulous!
Amnesia, lets have pretty Eurasian drag babies together!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lavida's Fashion Passion

Everyone knows how Lavida has an innate talent for beauty and grace.
In the words of Miss Vida Boheme, Ala 'To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything. Julie Newmar'; "A drag queen is one who just has too much fashion sense for both genders"

Now, Lavida's gone and focus that power into dressing other girls.
Besides spreading Dragatitis! (the new and improved drag version of Hepatitis), Lavida also aims to spread beauty to all my girls and half-girls, half-man, ham sandwich, whatever-you-will out there!

My darling darling child is the PrimandPoppers blog.

Miss Popper's Diary Collection

As you can see, my sweet little wallaby here has contracted some Dragatitis from the Lady V. You can tell from the symptoms such as 'fake eyelashes and heavy eye shadow'.

I know you'd love to contract my disease ;)

This is just a new launch. Me and the Dragatitans are working on dressing it up more.
Best check it once in a while, You never know if Lady V might enter her own designs and creation into it.

Yes, Lady V can also design! What do you expect from a talented creature such as I? tee hee *

If you look closely, You'll notice it is incredibly similar to my performance 'trashbag skirt!'

Now that's a fashion statement!

Head Over to the

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From Michael to Megan

I simply stumbled upon this dear during my rounds in the cyber queendom.
a Male to Female Transexual.
Her name is Megan Wallent. Her story, is not something you'd see just anywhere.


Shared via AddThis

I think her story is very inspiring. I hate it when I looked through the comment page of her picture blog, and find all this insulting critics with the narrow mind of a rat's ass!

I mean, sure she has a wife and kids; but that just means she has someone to love and to love her. That kind of critical thinking is what made her afraid to come out in the first place. Let people be themselves for peace's sake.

I also dislike the media's reference of her
NIGHTLINE: The Transgender Exec.

WHat is that? Is it the fact that transgenders have a job that is so shocking? or that she has actually kept her job at Microsoft?

Maybe they should just go on with a whole set of this news. The transgender teacher! The transgender nun! the transgender bouncer! the transgender dominatrix lesbian!

Damn the media!

Lavida on a roll~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homecoming Queen!

I have always dreamed that I would take the stage, in a beautiful shimmering pearl silk dress. A glittering tiara casting a glow all over my skin. I would rise gracefully on stage and be hailed as

I guess if i can't have that dream, I should at least congratulate someone who has -

Mr Ryan Allen of the George Mason University.
George Mason Picks Drag Queen as Homecoming Queen - ABC News

Shared via AddThis

This must mean Crossdressing / Dragging is going Mainstream! Yay!
And I am your willing guide into that world, my wallabies :)

Kisses & Misses

Monday, October 5, 2009

La Vida Loca 2008

If you google Lavida Loca
I am unfortunately not the first website that pops out :(

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hedda Lettuce

Lavida pays tribute to the great Hedda Lettuce.  She definitely hits a note with me with her all green aura, or outfit if you Must be so specific.

I remember her from Project Runway , on the episode where they had a drag queen outfit design competition.

I've come to realize that the truly memorable drag queens have taken a signature color for themselves.

Dame Edna Everage : Purple

Hedda Lettuce : Green

Ru Paul : Black

Hahha, okay, so maybe I'm merely referring to her skin color thing, but don't get me wrong honeys, I'm not being racist. I too, am a woman of color.....

.....Which I think should be Red

Since it is so typically Asian.
all I need now is a full head of fiery red hair.

I can go with the whole "Seeing red" angle. You know, Loca = crazy. Red = blood.

Or perhaps, Lady of the Red Lantern district! I am known for being a bit on the Slutty side.

I believe i have all the qualities that made Hedda Lettuce famous. Pump it up sisters. You Better Work!

Lavida Loves.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Word Of The Day : Ki Ki

Lavida Becomes a Teacher!

As many of you know, Lavida drags/crossdresses for educational purposes.
As part of the board of educational drag Queens, I hereby decree a royal lesson for you.

Ki Ki 

def: When two drag queen have sex (hook up) with each other. 
Pronounced : "Kai Kai"
Example : "Girl, I saw Ophelia Booby and Virginia Amnot leaving after the show together. I bet there is some scary ass ki ki action going on in that house. uh-uh, sister, that is just wrong and you know it."

Ok so I might have jazzed the example up a bit, But you know how we girls speak in the hood. Like Jenny from the Block! We know how to rock, Yo shakers, fakers; Don't know how tuh talk!

I'm currently searching for pictures of two drag queens kissing to illustrate what is a Ki Ki. But to my surprise. No such pictures exist! hmm, it's a rarer idea than I thought.

 Reader Challenge! Find an image that you consider as Ki Ki and post it in the comments!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Last Day on Earth - Softer Lavida

Song lyrics | The Last Day On Earth lyrics

This song has some how brought out the motherly side of me. Making me all soft and marshmallowie

Most of you might know this as the song from Neighbours.

For me, this is the current song I want for my funeral.

I want black ballerina's to emote in a circle

Please wear large Black fascinators with veils.

This is an Example:

For the Ambitious, you may try this

Still, It is a funeral, so be respectful and do not try to top my custom-made floor length gown with the gossamer train in the bejeweled casket

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ladyboy Dating

Omg! I don't know why I find this so hilarious and disturbing at the same time.
Perhaps it is the sexual objectification of a transexual person that disturbs me.

I wonder if they have similar sites for a pre-op or post-op Female to Male transsexuals.
That would be interesting. Visually male, but with a gaping vagina. Don't think girls will be into it.

Anyway, before you start thinking Lavida has dropped brains and her chicken fillet breastforms to sign up for this website, I merely stumbled upon this thing whilst exploring the Google Friend Connect app on the right side bar.

One of this ladyboy is affiliated with this website. Which led to me discovering this site. Oh well, i shall link it anyway, in case you Tranny Traders out there find my blog. It is still an absolutely interesting website I must say.


I found this Korean news bit on Transsexuals. I don't know what it's talking about but I guess it's about plastic surgery and thai T-girls. The last T-girl is sooo pretty! She's like a celebrity.

I shall draw on this site's topics for some inspiration as well, It has fun forum topics like

What makes having a long term relationship with a tranny so difficult?

HAhahha! It feels like the start of a joke. Let me take a crack at it.

It's because to they rather 'transition' quickly.

A woman needs a penis but the tranny has her own.

They have the body of a woman, but they think like a man. Fear of commitment.

Ok, I'd better stop before I offend Everybody. But you know you're Drag empress loves to jest ;)