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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It has been FOREVARR!

Hi dollies.

Por favorrr~ Loca. The bitch is back, and she needs to serve it up. Lavida is reinventing herself, and competing once again in the Miss Lotus pageant of 2010.

This time, I'll give it my all. No more fear of being a bitchy drag queen. Why did I bother trying to be cute and humorous in the first place? I should have put on Tyra's chant from the start- "FIERCE!"
After watching RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2, I feel much more prepared.
Last year I made a tragic mistake...I tried doing stand up comedy on stage. Dolls... Let's just say, leave that to the Wanda Sykes and Eddie Murphys of this world. One should not try to deliver comedy using another person's style.

This year - The competition is sizzling and tough.
My first Heat will be on the 20th of October at Heaven's Door.

With me dressed up in these categories:

1. Traditional Wear
2. Performance Wear
3. Beachwear or Sportswear

I've been raging through my closet, ripping jeans and burning hot fix rhinestones into the very fabric of my outfits. Here's crossing my fingers to make it work ~


Jessica De Leon said...

Hey girl

Glad to see you back online, all the best with the pageant. Did you enjoy doing stand-up? I've been doing it for two months (not in drag yet) and am having a blast :)

the immigayrant said...

All the best, La Vida.

BTW, I saw your performance and it was great. I was there to support my friend Ms Vanilla. I was the guy who told you that I read your blog.