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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miss Lotus 2010.

I haven't posted for a thousand and one years. This is an update of Miss Lotus 2010.

Semi Finals=

1st Category - Traditional wear:

 I went for the same corset over cheong sam but this time with a Manchurian royal headgear and diamonte on all the floral motifs.

Second category: Performance

I made my own special remix and I put on purple hair. I had a purple belly dancing outfit that I added over a black tutu. I think I look a little rock glam. I was quite happy with my performance but it was a little too much cut and paste to the songs .

Final Category: Glamourous Wear
I was just thinking of evening gowns, I had this bright green one that I hadn't tried on yet so I sewed a lamb skin rug into a giant fur cape. I added Aurora Borealis hot fix crystals down the whole front.


One of my Fave creations.

With that I made it through to the Finals.

Category 1: Spring Race Outfit-

A little background story for those not familiar with Australian culture. The Melbourne Cup is a day where people dress up to the nines, go to watch the horse race and get drunk off their asses. 
My fav drag hag Rachie told me to take it to another level by getting a guy to go up with me topless and put on a horse head. I wanted to do it so bad but the guy I requested thought it would be too gay (wateverrr) and I couldn't find a horse head anyway.

Category 2: Performance /East meets West

Now here was where I tripped up. I had spent the day sewing 4 meters of tulle with my minions to make a fabulous wedding dress. My concept was a marriage between the East and West. Who knew that no one else followed the theme and they all did a performance. Good thing I had my CD with me, and just did a crash number "The Boy Does Nothing"

Final Category: Awards Night Gown
So this is a beautiful gold number that I've been waiting to put on for the longest time. The opportunity finally came. I just had to spray a few bangles gold and put on my home made disco ball necklace as a crown. and Tadaa-

Unfortunately I'm the runner up of Miss Lotus 2010. I guess its like American Idol and those reality TV, you always want the second place to win, but they usually go on to be more famous anyway. ;)

It was a really great experience to push yourself a little further. Plus There's a Miss Gay Australia Pageant 2011 coming up in Feb. Keep your peepers peeled fantasissies !


the immigayrant said...

Congrats, La Vida!

Anonymous said...

Little flowers of the east.Honey smiles beyond the pain.Sweet eyes,feminine beings SO SO SO SO SEXY................wow!