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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Drag's Secret Identity.

Each of us have had something about ourselves that we hide from the world. A dirty little secret about yourself that you would allow a select few to share with.

As a drag queen, some of us may be fully out to everyone. I am sure however, that this group is a minority.

Imagine my surprise when a high school friend of mine asked me about my pictures on a high profile blog?
Let me clarify, She asked my BOY mode, about the pictures, as she apparently recognized me.

A little background on Lavida, I studied in a terrifyingly religious school that would crucify the very thought of someone crossdressing. My peer's social system was built around the church. Which added brownie points to popularity. Meaning, them holy bitches that act all purity, are actually the 'IT' girls in high school.

In the wise words of Bowling For Soup, High School Never Ends.

I did a search on this blog. And it was the top hit on google.

I am not going to disclose anymore information about the whole thing. It is sufficient to know that, we should be very careful with our digital footprints. Especially with our dirty little secrets.