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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Who doesn't love a little man on man action?

Unless you're straight, lesbian, asexual, a tranny trader/loon or strictly loyal to animal sex.
Okay, so maybe the scope isn't so wide. My point is, there is a certain beauty to two men in love.

Alexander the Great conquered with it, Socrates the Greek philosopher perused upon it and Saladin the Sultan of Egypt 

*On Saladin
Richard The Lion Heart, had a secret passion for Saladin. Richard also shared a bed with Philip II of France. According to Gerald, the Archdeacon of Wales, they were inseparable lovers recalling that the English king "so honored Philip that by day they ate at one table, off one dish, and at night they slept in one bed. And the king of France loved him as his own soul."

The statue of david is a testament to male eroticism. It is by no means, something new.


This shot is called "James Twice" by the great photographer Gigi Stoll. It definitely pushes some buttons~

Gay imagery. I love it.