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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Halloween Party!

Lovely Lavida has a surprise!

Peacock Lavida!

Birds of a feather, let's flock together!  I'm right there going, "Holla BAck Girl!"
Do you Love the outfit or do you LOOOVE the outfit?
Hand sewn bitches ;D
as I have discussed in the last post. I am sooo glad it turned out as I wanted. And it was great for photo opp, but I didn't make full use of it as I was a lil too drunk.

The night was all black as shadows and blood red balloons. The horrors and whorers gathered in the victorian style bar to celebrate.
Just one of the ladies, acting all natural and flirty ;D

The other drag queen, Mercedez as Poison Ivy. Although someone made a hilarious comment on how her costume reminded them of Endora, the mother in Bewitched.

Lavida shall now be the Vampire slayer!

I had so much wine, that I was later caught by this sexy bitch of a policewoman for a DUI. Dragging under influence.

How was your Halloween this year? who were the spooks and kooks?