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Friday, August 28, 2009


When I Grow Up, I wanna be a star, I wanna be rich, I wanna be famous~

and I'll do it by spreading drag-atitis! or laughter.

Yo mama so fat, when she steps on a dollar, she gets a hundred cents.

Yo mama so stupid, when she puts those coins in the parking meter, she asks "where's my gumball?"

Yo mama's ass soo big, when she bends over to look for them gumballs, she got more crack then a drug dealer.

Woohoo! Triple Threat y'all!

Anyway, I don't mean to insult yo mama. I just wanted to tell you a story.

The other day, my girlfriend came over.

She asked me to take off her sexy top.

then she asked me to take off her short,short skirt.

and then she told me:
"stop wearing my clothes!"

I can so work this gig.


feihong♠ said...

YES U CAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica De Leon said...

LOL, good ones. I love "yo mama" jokes! Here's a classic:

Yo mama's so fat, the back of her neck looks like a pack of hot dogs ;)