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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Facebook Danger

Once again, you are here with Lavida. You know you can't resist my charms ;D

As I have said many times before (but you just weren't listening!), I drag for educational purposes.
So I have an important lessons to teach you wallabies.

Don't put up any insults, threats or complaints onto your facebook status unless they're veiled, masked and inferential. In other words. let's leave direct assaults to wrestlers.

Let me present to you a clear cut case of badly-placed complaint. A girl had forgotten that she had her boss as a 'friend' on Facebook (we all know its just ass kissing). She then expressed her colourful vocabulary about her boss on her Facebook Status.
Let us take a look at Exhibit A.
Awww. Poor girl. She flattered herself.
And Mr Boss, we queens don't prance about. ---- We glide.

So hope you all learn from this example. People are always watching. So we must keep a close watch on what we are showing the world.

As a drag queen, regality, poise, beauty, personality, color, desirability, impressiveness are all things that i was born with. Sadly, that is not you're case. So please do work on show your glitter to the world my wallabies.

Perhaps one day, some of you may become a true drag wallaby.

*hand does screw lightbulb motion*
Be merry my children - Lavida Loves