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Friday, August 14, 2009

From the Peel

Hey babes! just got home from the Peel!
I love it! tonight was such a fun night. Thanks Sergio for the ride home. And Glasses man for the three drinks plus those for my friends.

Let me tell you, Gay guys will do anything for some airtime! ahahaha. I brought a videocam into the club. And everyone was fighting for a little attention. Night mode is the bomb babes! I look like Paris Hilton filming a porno model shoot. 

When you're desired, everyone wants a piece of you. The Glasses man and a Lesbian was fighting for me. A Lesbian people! LESBIAN!!!! Going after a Drag Queen. such transbian stuff. (tranny + lesbian) both were grabbing my hands, and in the end, I just went home with the bouncer! lol. Shh dun think he'll like it.

Video Clips coming up soon! love it! Lavida Loves!