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Sunday, August 16, 2009

To My F*cking Boy Mode!

Look here, No, This is not even addressed to you. Because I have nothing I need to explain to you. This is addressed to my Boymode - Emerald.

EMERALD! fucking wake up already. I know you will always end up forgiving and forgetting. but know this. This so called 'sister' has stepped on you again and again.

You didn't say anything when you had to walk to her place all the time and she didn't even bother to take a taxi to pick you on the way. You didn't say anything when she used to come to your place and drink all your booze but she makes sure you split all alcohol and taxi costs with her. You didn't complain when she intentionally puts you down whenever your girl mode buys or receives something nice. Whenever someone compliments you, she makes sure she inserts a compliment about herself. You let yourself be pulled by her selfishness whenever she wants to go somewhere else , even though you don't. You stay and avoid the men, just to watch out for her till the morning at the peel, but she thinks you're just staying cuz you can't get a guy. Even when it comes to your own project she still tries to make the whole thing about her.

You may forget those things. But remember this Emerald. Remember the Fucking Message she sent you! "

"U always take my trash. I'm pissed cause not you went back with the guy. Cause people told me u were so cheap to go back with my second hand."

Remember always that she accused you of taking her trash even though she only HEARD it from someone else. She's not even sure herself. Even though she was taking a SHIT as soon as you walked into the club, when you met him. And how many times you said nothing even though she went back with guys that you yourself rejected and ran away from. She said you took her TRASH! Apparently she has a non-refundable/non-reusable stamp on her lipstick, cuz when she's kissed them. They are permanently rejected and no one can touch them.

Remember how many times she left you alone at the clubs?! How many times you were left alone or having to take care of the girls that he dumps aside on those nites. How he leaves with men and doesn't mention a single thing and never even thought twice about it. You have tons of witnesses.

Remember her fucking story
"Its so irrtating u know cause even I didn't say it. Everyone told me loh. I don't care. Its just u din even tell me u were leaving."

I didn't even bother to reply her 3 other messages and her miss call. Cuz you know its bullshit!

I already told her off for you
" Look Watever dude. I am extremely aware. If u want to say this kind of bullshit thing then fine. lets just stop hangin out then. Don't call me anymoer. Stop callin all my advertising friends. I will stop callin any friends tat I know thru u. its not a problem at all. bye."

So Emerald, my boychild. you don't have to worry about ur so called drag sister anymore. I've taken care of it for you. You're better off anyway.

AND Listen here you cheap imitation of a Car! Emerald may forgive you tomoro. He may ignore this problem and join your charade of nothing-ever-happened. But Lavida will remember it! I FUCKING remember this. you can say over and over again to forget this. But this time I'm putting a black mark down.

So Just Fuck OFF!