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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Drag to the Zoo!

Yes my wonderful wallabies! Me, my drag hags and a straightie matie went to the zoo... and I just happened to be in a dress thats all.

I walked in and showed my Student ID at the ticket counter. The girl smiled at me as I told her "I know, I don't look like my photo." She said it was totally alright and I can walk right ahead. Nice girl. Bad eyesight.

The Sun shone over my wig. I ran in like the wild, uncaged animal that I am, and began my hunt for exotic clothing materials. Feathers, boas, furs and skins; Everything would probably look better on me anyway.

Instantly I found the cool crowd where I instantly fit right in. The beautiful people of the zoo, The Peacocks!.. or pea hens... It was truly a delectable hen party. Funny hens I tell you. Donna and Sasha (on my right and left) are hilarious chicks. Erica (the one at the back) is a bitch though. She thinks she's all that.

I wandered into the bamboo forest then.. Such a Zen sort of setting.

Conducive to a short snack and photo-op. The drag-hags prancing around like animals. How unbecoming, ladies. truly.

I soon discovered the butterfly zone. Rumour has it, this was where Mariah Carey once lived. A swarm of butterflies seem to hum " oh oh oh~ oh oh ooh~ Why you so obsessed with me~"
And just like their previous mistress, they were attracted to glitter as well. It is no surprise they came straight for my ring and to pay homage to their new queen. They are well-mannered you see, these butterflies, they knew to kiss the rings of royalty. This one I knighted ' Sir Suckup' ---------- because it sucks up nectar! you silly possums!

All in all, it was an adventure. The animals knew it when they saw royalty; but the HUMANS! Smart species. Poor eyesight. 

No one noticed a drag queen! They didn't even kneel and kiss the ground I walk on. 
urgh. Men!

Till the next adventure. Lavida lavishes her love on you.
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