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Friday, October 30, 2009

How to sew a Halloween Dress

Hello weaving wallabies,

Lavida is here to share with you the lovely art of customizing your own dress.

First, grab a sewing kit. I recommend getting those cheap ones from Safeway/Big W or even Reject shop. any one of them should be below 6 dollars. It looks something like this :

Then if you're a drag queen like myself,
grab some sequins, for that glittery effect.

Next, you thread the appropriate color (that matches your dress, so the threads are invisible and discreet.
For those wallowing wallabies that haven't got a clue. Don't worry, Lavida's feeling patient and kind. I'll provide a link for just how to sew?

Clickable Link=How To Sew

Once you have mastered that skill. Or at least discreet about your handicapped sewing ability.  Buy some chiffon, puffy material stuff to make ...How shall I say it... puffs.

I bought the glittery shiny ones from Lincraft. Its pretty and cheap too. about 8 dollars a meter. Half a meter was enough for me.

Then, depending on your costume theme. Buy the appropriate props and what-nots. Can you guess what Lavida plans to be from the picture?

If you're lazy like me , make sure you have a glue gun, masking tape and super glue ready. So rather than sewing them on, for the correct pretty effect. You can opt to glue them messily, and there will be threads of dried glue everywhere.

But fear not! you can always say you were going for the ancient, spider webbed effect. Don't you just LOVE halloween!/? the perfect excuse to highlight all flaws!

Why I suppose you could even tell our enemies "HOW Ugly you look today!, my my, going all out aren't we?" and they wouldn't even have to be in a halloween mask.

Remember Wallababies, Halloween isn't just about the looks, its about the attitude.

Back to the arts and crafts, Next you would thread the sequins to the end of the thread, and use those in place of knots to keep the stitches nice and tight.
It also makes for a glam out fit.

So this is as far as I have gone with my little number. I'm not showing too much.
You'll have to get a better look AFTER halloween.

So to all my pretty bitches and witches, Have a Drag of a Halloween. take note, Creativity can always replace necessity (if you dont have it, create it). and Beauty is an attitude.

Lavida Loves.


Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

you have some real gorgeous talents there milady~ <3

Lavida Loca said...

thank you pretty possum. this lady is a Lady of talents!