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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Presidential Votes

I should have voted Hedda Lettuce as President.

I wouldn't mind being the Ministress of Partying. Parties that provide tons of alcohol, creating joy and mirth that shall solve world hunger, world poverty and worldwide boredom. Parties make people excited, they shop more, buying one outfit, then changing their minds, and then going out to get several other options, just in case, thus saving the economy.

I pledge to host a theme party every week, drawing attention to social issues. I will host parties such as "AIDSness party!" and we can all dress up in anything to do with AIDS, like gays, hot nurses, black men on the down-low and hang torn bloody condoms as earrings.

I will also host a Marijuana legalization party. Weed cake and Pot Inhalers for all who come early! *Weed salad provided for the vegans.
We have recently perfected marijuana flavored milk for busy parents who still want to party! Get your noisy baby to chill out with this medicinal marvel. Your baby will be fucking flying with the lullaby light show we provide at the party lounge.

But remember not to drag and drive.

You know you Love it!