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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hedda Lettuce

Lavida pays tribute to the great Hedda Lettuce.  She definitely hits a note with me with her all green aura, or outfit if you Must be so specific.

I remember her from Project Runway , on the episode where they had a drag queen outfit design competition.

I've come to realize that the truly memorable drag queens have taken a signature color for themselves.

Dame Edna Everage : Purple

Hedda Lettuce : Green

Ru Paul : Black

Hahha, okay, so maybe I'm merely referring to her skin color thing, but don't get me wrong honeys, I'm not being racist. I too, am a woman of color.....

.....Which I think should be Red

Since it is so typically Asian.
all I need now is a full head of fiery red hair.

I can go with the whole "Seeing red" angle. You know, Loca = crazy. Red = blood.

Or perhaps, Lady of the Red Lantern district! I am known for being a bit on the Slutty side.

I believe i have all the qualities that made Hedda Lettuce famous. Pump it up sisters. You Better Work!

Lavida Loves.