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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lavida Wants Games

Here's a special secret.

Lavida loves games!.. and not just the type you play in the bedroom.
I am a fan of Miss Jessica of Jessica-Who.com, she is a great crossdressing blogger whom shares the interests and joys of mine.

I found out about her post on a new game called Scribblenaut

A game that lets you solve the levels by creating anything out of thin air just by spelling it out.
It is modern day Sorcery I tell you! I bet you Harry Potter couldn't apparate everything!

she even showed a video of how she got her game character to cross dress. so cute!

I wonder if it would work to type, wedding dress and elephant. How fun! I want to try!!! I am so going to the nintendo store tomorrow!

On the comments of Jessica's post, came a mention about another game called - LittleBigPlanet.

A collectively constructed 3-d environment where you can play with everything. I am not sure how it works, but it does remind me of The Sims. The key difference is that it is accurate in terms of physics. balls roll correctly, gravity and elasticity work properly. And they give you the tools to create anything you want within the game.
The videos make it much clearer.

The Cullen Family? Edward Cullen from Twilight? Is that chuuu?
The "PLay With EVERYTHIIING" diddy is hilarious!

To create your own sack boy/girl/drag. this is the helpful littlebig link.

A little Lavida would look like this.

I'd prefer a prettier model base though, with longer legs and shapely body. But guess you can't have "EVERYTHIIING~". LOL.


Jessica De Leon said...

Yea! Awesome!! I typed in wedding dress and elephant, it was funnnnnn ;)

Lavida Loca said...

ahah how did the elephant look like? did it fill the screen? and how would that solve a problem? lol.