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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Word Of The Day : Ki Ki

Lavida Becomes a Teacher!

As many of you know, Lavida drags/crossdresses for educational purposes.
As part of the board of educational drag Queens, I hereby decree a royal lesson for you.

Ki Ki 

def: When two drag queen have sex (hook up) with each other. 
Pronounced : "Kai Kai"
Example : "Girl, I saw Ophelia Booby and Virginia Amnot leaving after the show together. I bet there is some scary ass ki ki action going on in that house. uh-uh, sister, that is just wrong and you know it."

Ok so I might have jazzed the example up a bit, But you know how we girls speak in the hood. Like Jenny from the Block! We know how to rock, Yo shakers, fakers; Don't know how tuh talk!

I'm currently searching for pictures of two drag queens kissing to illustrate what is a Ki Ki. But to my surprise. No such pictures exist! hmm, it's a rarer idea than I thought.

 Reader Challenge! Find an image that you consider as Ki Ki and post it in the comments!


Wins said...


Found it in the Broadway shopping centre. A PUBLIC PLACE! How indecent sydneysiders can be.

I know you're impressed

Royce Tan said...

Darrrling, It's Ki Ki , not kikki.k .I remember it to be simply plain women's clothes, rather than drag lesbianic passive aggressive clothing.