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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From Michael to Megan

I simply stumbled upon this dear during my rounds in the cyber queendom.
a Male to Female Transexual.
Her name is Megan Wallent. Her story, is not something you'd see just anywhere.


Shared via AddThis

I think her story is very inspiring. I hate it when I looked through the comment page of her picture blog, and find all this insulting critics with the narrow mind of a rat's ass!

I mean, sure she has a wife and kids; but that just means she has someone to love and to love her. That kind of critical thinking is what made her afraid to come out in the first place. Let people be themselves for peace's sake.

I also dislike the media's reference of her
NIGHTLINE: The Transgender Exec.

WHat is that? Is it the fact that transgenders have a job that is so shocking? or that she has actually kept her job at Microsoft?

Maybe they should just go on with a whole set of this news. The transgender teacher! The transgender nun! the transgender bouncer! the transgender dominatrix lesbian!

Damn the media!

Lavida on a roll~