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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lavida's Fashion Passion

Everyone knows how Lavida has an innate talent for beauty and grace.
In the words of Miss Vida Boheme, Ala 'To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything. Julie Newmar'; "A drag queen is one who just has too much fashion sense for both genders"

Now, Lavida's gone and focus that power into dressing other girls.
Besides spreading Dragatitis! (the new and improved drag version of Hepatitis), Lavida also aims to spread beauty to all my girls and half-girls, half-man, ham sandwich, whatever-you-will out there!

My darling darling child is the PrimandPoppers blog.

Miss Popper's Diary Collection

As you can see, my sweet little wallaby here has contracted some Dragatitis from the Lady V. You can tell from the symptoms such as 'fake eyelashes and heavy eye shadow'.

I know you'd love to contract my disease ;)

This is just a new launch. Me and the Dragatitans are working on dressing it up more.
Best check it once in a while, You never know if Lady V might enter her own designs and creation into it.

Yes, Lady V can also design! What do you expect from a talented creature such as I? tee hee *

If you look closely, You'll notice it is incredibly similar to my performance 'trashbag skirt!'

Now that's a fashion statement!

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