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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dorian Gray

I've loved Ben Barnes ever since his piercing stare met my own beautiful green eyes across the street. I was wearing a gorgeous purple dress that was backless and ethereal. His hair was in the wind, his hand gripping a silver sword and wearing a pectoral defining suit of armor. He was huge. Frozen on the billboard of Melbourne Central. The title 'Prince Caspian' gleamed in the spotlight.

It is no mistake that they would pick  him to be casted in this story. A story about a gay painter wishing to immortalize the male beauty of this handsome strapping young lad, and somehow immortalizing him in reality. The gift of immortality. All your aging and scars goes to the painting whilst your beauty remains forever.

Lavida wants it! SO all of you artistic wallabies get cracking! immortalize Mama Lavida now!