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Friday, September 18, 2009

Eat the Meat

A Lady should practice the etiquette of fine dining. Chewing with your mouth closed, delicately working through your meal while keeping a demure posture throughout.

Well...I'm not a real lady. That's why Lavida charges into a fine piece of steak with the ferocity of ten wild cats. WooohoO!

Lavida loves a good piece of steak. In fact, one of my favorite places in Melbourne, is Universal Pizza's on Lygon Street. Granted it's not the ideal fine dining setting. But where else can you get a steak for only 13.90 AUSD?

mmm.. Just look at that succulent, juicy, suggestive piece of grilled perfection? I'm great friends with the chef, so he's custom made this steak for me into a phallic form.
Talk about Oral fixation.

For the higher class, fur-wearing,branded purse wielding bore-bags out there, The Point at Albert Park is a beautiful steakhouse with a smorgasbord of culinary equivalents of orgasms. Wagyu beef...YUM.