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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drag Queen To The Zoo Video

Finally I've Completed my editing,and uploaded my Zoo video to YouTube here's and embedded version form my lazy wallabies.

It's got some of my best captured moments to date! Lavida is going to be bigger than Ru Paul or Dame Edna some day. Some day~~

Remember kids, i drag for educational purposes. So all this will contribute to my understanding of how the world perceives and receives drag queens and transgenders.

So please do comment on the videos. Give me your thoughts on all of this and feel free to even suggest new places to drag to!

"To Drag Where No Drags Have Ever Dragged Before!"
Lavida Loca - she gone loco.


feihong♠ said...

queen L, u have been missing. waiting for your video of yr performance. btw i love Kumar the drag queen. Youtube him!!

Lavida Loca said...

Thank You feihong, I'm waiting for my videographers to edit the videos.
I like Kumar too, he is extremely funny and a personal friend of my friend.