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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thai Club

Guess where Lavida crashed?

The Thai night at Toy.
It was a loud and crowded club with everyone screaming at the top of their lungs over the bass booming out of the speakers.

I was there with my Thai girls, just being one of the girls. Guess which is the drag queen?

My friend just commented that I look so sophisticated and dressy. Its not that my girls here are not beautiful, it was just the Thai culture that tips in favor of a casual attire. I am, at the end of the day, a Drag queen. I WAS in casual. lol.

The thing I love about my androgynous beauty is that I can totally fly under the radar when needed. A convincing female impersonator is always safer than a lousy one. One can avoid drag-bashing in an incredibly drunk crowd.

However, it has its down sides... three guys approached me and wanted to bring me home. then my girls told them I was a drag queen .
In thai they call it "Katuay!" Say it with me now " Kerrr- Tuay!"
And they were even more enthusiastic, forgoing the niceties given to real girls. They started to caress my arms and pinned me to the wall. I honestly thought I was going to get raped that night. I had to just scream and run away like a girl... or at least, a convincing girl ;)

Cunning Linguist! Lavida Rocks!


Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

I like to get pinned too!~ LOL!~
*so cute!* Katuay YOU'RE ON FIRE! YEAH!~
*I'm drunk* (^_____^)