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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Performance at Asian Treasure@Chasers

This was my own event poster I made for myself. 
Loves. It.
Last Thursday was the date of my first stage performance as well as my first time dragging to CLASS!
However, let's just concentrate on the pictures that are available now.

Chasers has an absolutely beautiful interior; furnished with luxurious satins, chandeliers and wall-sized mirrors. I arrived with a large entourage of 8 girls. The club begins to warm up with attendees.
Dee Dee Dazzler and Venus Envy is already at the bar looking gorgeous and dolled up.
I get a tour of the club by the organizer of Asian Treasure nights - Andy.

Dee Dee- Hostess with the Mostess

There's a second stage through the first door which is humongous! One day Lavida shall storm that stage as well :) I head to the changing room and add my two large travel bags to the sizeable collection of drag luggage, surely filled with glitters and wigs to the brim.

My number was Hey Big Spender - Shirley Bassey. Garbed in a traditional red Cheong Sam, a laurel tiara, a black feather boa and holding a large red fan. I ruled the stage as I threw my feather boa off to accent the beat. There was a lot of sashays and shantes before I finished off with and toss of Lavida Money!

My second number was Milkshake! Wearing a rabbit fur jacket, blue glitter Charleston dress and trashbag skirt. I started off with a special edit ;P and then into the remix of I'm a slave of you + Milkshake mashup. it was hot thrusting and hip shaking for me.  Throwing off the fur jacket and then slipping off the trash skirt in the middle was my way of expressing "coming out"

The night was filled with fun, friends and poofery! what more could you ask for? Oh and there were so many asian hotties that night. Where have they all been hiding!? come out come out again!

Loves Lavida~


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Lavida Loca said...

hahaha. coming coming. the turtle paced wallaby is bringing it to me.

rachell said...

great performance lady loca! :)