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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashion Loves Make Up

Everyone knows how the Lady is also a Mistress of Make Up.

Creating an illusion is the core of every Drag Queens' being. And remember, I am now a Drag EMPRESS! Therefore, by definition. I can also pass on my make up magic unto others!
I am like the Pinocchio's Blue Fairy of drag. She turns wooden puppets into real boys. I turn manhood into wood.
I also turn people into real models!

Earth! Wind! Water! Fire! Glitter!
By My Powers combined, I am Campy Planet!


 bibbity babbity Poofery!
My latest creation~
I shall soon create a make up tutorial video. I know everybody does it. But this is THE drag empress. useful digestive tips from me is like a meal congested in the intestines from other video tutorials.
See how that makes you prefer me.
I'm the best.

Lavida the diva.