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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dragalation: Camberwell market

Guess where Lavida lands herself this time?

The Sunday Camberwell Market. It is now called Camp-berwell.

I had a film crew following me for the most part. Paparazzis just won't leave me the hell alone! LOL.
Alright, fine, so it was more about their film project on drag queens. Still, I'm sure they partially wanted to capture my star quality on film.:)

I was there with my Drag-Hags (the new fag hags), shopping up a storm when this Crazy! old man walked right into my side and pressed himself against me whilst I was on the phone! How stalker mad is that?

He whispered in a low Nightmare-on-Elm-Street-Exorcist-Urban-Legends tone : "~~ you arrrrh a BOY!~~~"


I screamed into the night.

They caught it all on film! but you will not see the dark midnight setting from my imagination. However, you will see the Exorcist's nightmare man. I am waiting on the film.

meanwhile, Me and the gang are back to shopping around, I seriously recommend all Drag and trannies and the rest of the Falling Pants Sisterhood  to shop there. They have our sizes!

WishList alert! Lavida would loove this adjustable mannequin for alterations on drag-unfriendly outfits.

On my travels there, I also spotted another Drag Queen....
Blue Eyeshadow is soo 80's, my shaggy sister.
All in all, It was an amazing trip. Fascinators, Heels, Handbags and Perfume bottles. This lady is a very satisfied shopper.
Another daring dragging by your drag empress
Lavida Loca.