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Monday, September 28, 2009

Drag Toilet Photoshoot

After filming, I met up with my Drag hag -Pinktoe and her friend for lunch.

In the famous words of Little Britain: "Just a lady having a cup of tea" and 4$ Pizzas
I'd prefer to keep this secret alley bar, a secret just that little bit longer. None of you beeyotches better be crowding up in my space!

Anyway. We went to the toilet , and found this strange light. It was...

My Goddess Aura!

LoL, kidding, it was the backlighting of the toilet.
Having recently watched ANTM cycle 12, I was overcomed by a modelling fit! I kicked up my platforms and climbed on the toilet bowl.

With my super SMEYES power, 'Smile with your Eyes', I can turn out a fierce photo!

I know Lady Lavida is in the Voluptuous category. Just wait till I take up anorexia!

Then I'll give you skinny bitches with the failed faces a run for your money.

Would you dare take a picture on top of the toilet bowl if you think it could be fashion edgy?
I encourage all girls out there to do so!